Philosophy / Projects’ approach

Each company, depending on the phase it is in its life cycle, the industry and the general economic environment which it operates in, faces each time different needs and challenges.

At times, these needs may concern the development of its clientele; the expansion of its activities in new markets; the vertical integration of its production or the acquisition of a complementary or competitive company. Sometimes, the respective needs refer to the restructuring and reorganizing of its operations and other times to the need of access to funds for financing an investment or in the spin-off of an activity or in the sale of a shares’ stake, with the aim of dispersing shareholders’ business risk.

Every need or challenge requires specialized solutions.

Access Wise Partners approaches each project in such a way that the client acquires “access” to the solutions that will lead him/her to achieve his/her goals.

The target of our company is to make the business idea, or the vision of our customer work.

Our services are developed in five stages

This stage relates to the detailed recording of each company’s current situation, the procedures applied in all departments, the analysis of its financial and productive results, as well as a thorough analysis of the targeted market. This stage is crucial, as identifying the strong and weak operating elements but also the possibilities and opportunities offered by the market formulate the strategy that better suits each case and will finally determine all the next stages.

The executives of Access Wise Partners have over 20 years of work experience in their respective fields of expertise.


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