Start-ups entrepreneurship

The establishment of a sustainable start-up business cannot be based on a good business idea alone but requires a complete business model that is organized with a series of actions. As “well begun is half done”, start-ups have to face a number of risks and obstacles from the beginning of their operations, which the inspirers of these ventures have usually not calculated correctly or have not even taken into account.

It is no coincidence that the financing of these companies is conducted with the most unfavorable terms for the beneficiaries. Globally, a very small percentage of start-ups continue to exist over 5 years, while an even smaller percentage enjoys the fulfillment of the visions and expectations of the inspirers’ business idea.

At Access Wise Partners we assist young entrepreneurs to:

The collaboration proposal by Access Wise Partners for young entrepreneurs includes:
Market Research to which the business idea refers
Identification of opportunities and risks arising from its implementation
Transformation of the business idea into a business model: detailed development of a Business plan
Identification of Financing needs - Optimal financing scheme
Fundraising – Utilization of all financial instruments
Accounting, financial and tax support through our group of partners.