Executive Business plan Supervising – Ε.Β.Ρ.S.

The business plan’s implementation phases are supervised using the E.B.P.S. (Executive Business plan Supervising) method which is an innovative tool for monitoring the business applications of Access Wise Partners.

Monitoring the implementation of any business plan is part of monitoring the framework of a company’s results. Hence the E.P.B.S. method is a tool specifically designed by Access Wise Partners for application on any business information system.

Its use enables the company management to monitor the results of each corporate activity in real time, comparing them to the results targeted.

For Access Wise Partners, the success of a business plan is judged by the success of the individual actions that have been pre-planned. The in-depth and in values configuration of all pre-planned actions constitutes the foundation on which the E.B.P.S. is based on. The monitoring application is designed by taking into account the existing potentials of the company’s information system and which if necessary, is topped-up with easy-to-use applications.